5 Mentalities of Infosec

Throughout my journey of breaking into and working in Infosec I have experienced a lot of personalities types. However if I specifically focus on just the parts of these mentalities that tie directly to Infosec skills I feel like they fall into 5 categores:


  • Possesses only surface/concept level knowledge of topics
  • Frequently thinks they know more than they do
  • Less technical despite thinking otherwise
  • Argues using others facts and research


  • Has had the realization that they don’t know as much as they think they do
  • Struggles to strengthen skills
  • Runs tools and takes paths already taken or documented
  • Always fighting to catch up


  • Infrequently seeks learning opportunities
  • Happy with their skills as long as they can do their job
  • Typically uses more discretion when answering questions
  • Doesn’t frequently get along with specialist or those that seek to improve their skills on a more aggressive timeline


  • Knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics
  • Possesses a good set of practical skills
  • Ability to modify/write tools and put things together in new ways to get outcomes
  • Frequently answers questions from experience


  • Very focused on a couple of related topics
  • Can concisely and accurately answer questions
  • Uses own knowledge to answer questions
  • Can frequently prove their answers to an in depth level through hands on or prior research

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