This tool was created for the purpose of phishing during a penetration test. I wanted to create a command line tool(to allow for automation) that would take a pre-crafted html email file then replace all the links and send the email. The replacing of links was something I was previously doing manually. This was inspired by SpearPhisher beta by Dave Kennedy from Trustedsec and a feature found in Cobalt Strike by Rapheal Mudge from Strategic Cyber


This tool was created because I was running Google dorks manually one after the next to find certain types of systems. I decided that if I created lists of dorks by type of search I could automate this process. Off course Google blocks automated searches so this can cause an issue. If you time it correctly you should not have a problem except getting blocked for a short period of time in some cases

Python Network Tools

This tool is intended to be a modularized set of scripts to perform network functions in Python. I found myself having to repeatedly look up how to perform certain Python functions related to networking so I put them in one place as a reference and functional tool. A number of stand alone scripts have also now been added to this repo


This tool was created to assist with performing recon at scale. It is a collection of scanners and parsers created using the Ruby-nmap library. When running large scans it is useful to have preconfigured templates and an ability to quickly parse back out the information you need. Once templates are setup you can automate large scans or run them on a schedule


A list of commands and resources I use for different topics